Why use BandBooker

The BandBooker team is made up of musicians who all trained and graduated from Chethams School of Music, some of which who studied there from 9 years old. The team went on to study at the top music conservatories and colleges across the globe and are well qualified to find the best of the best. In addition to this, some of our staff also take to the high seas regularly themselves as performers which offers them an immeasurable amount of insight into the job making BandBooker one of the most hands on and dedicated agencies in the world.


Here at BandBooker we know that attitude and behaviour are as important as being a great musician. Along with our extensive audition process we also make sure the musicians we represent will be an asset to us both on and off the stage.


Our team is made up of regular international travellers who have done it all when it comes to visas, insurance, contracts which reduces the workload of the booker. This is why we are one of the preferred agents to the major cruise lines of the world.

Our Mission

The cruise ship entertainment stigma is something of the past we believe and we strive every single day to supply more and more of our proactive and eager musicians to the cruise industry, enhancing the live entertainment on board.