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Whether you wish to book one of our UK based musicians or an artist looking to work as a musician on a cruise ship, please contact us by using the form on this page.


Please note, if you wish to be considered for representation, you must use the form on the page titled Representation.

BandBooker offers a wide range of jobs for musicians on cruise ships. There are many cruise ship job vacancies across the globe with many different lines and our job is to find the best position for you. So if you are looking for cruise ship band work or want to talk about guest entertainer jobs, get in touch today. Our UK based cruise agency is made up of a team of professional musicians who went to one of the UK’s best music schools, Chetham’s School of Music. The coming together of these individuals has created one of the highest calibre of cruise ship agent in the world. We find the best talent in the world and secure some of the best jobs at sea working around the important ethos of quality, not quantity. BandBooker provide exceptional and fresh talent to the cruise ship market. Thousands of musicians want to play in a band on a cruise ship and our job is to select the best of them to start their adventure at sea. With extensive ties to major music colleges we represent some of the best musicians looking for jobs at sea. So if you are looking for the opportunity to play in the band on a cruise ship then contact our UK based office today.